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  • Bob Ross: The Happy Painter

    Bob Ross: The Happy Painter


    Very stock documentary. Could have been a lot better given the subject matter.

  • Thunder in Paradise

    Thunder in Paradise


    Hulk Hogan fights Jim Neidhart, Giant Gonzalez and Flash freaking Gordon and it still stinks.

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  • Leaving Neverland

    Leaving Neverland

    An absolute hit piece that doesn't even begin to address or refute the mounds of evidence against the alleged victims stories, including testimony by both Robson and Safechuck refuting the claims they make in this very documentary. It's a shame that people will blindly believe anyone that has a film crew and a sad soundtrack backing them. With this being nearly four hours i was hoping for new information or a smoking gun but this is yet another cash grab made by dishonest, disreputable people.

  • The Test

    The Test


    Between this movie and Loqueesha Jeremy Saville is quickly becoming the next Neil Breen.