Knives Out ★★★★★

“A donut hole inside of a donut’s hole.”

“That little nazi child masturbating in the bathroom.” 

Three quick items before I immediately see this again and want to write 5,000 words on the composition of that glorious opening shot alone: 

-This is the most Extremely Online movie I’ve ever seen lmao 

-In a just world this would all but guarantee late entry Best Supporting looks for Daniel Craig and Michael Shannon.  

- I left the theater ANGRY because we could — and should — be getting these self-contained mini masterpieces from Johnson every other year or so but instead we have to wait like 7 (insane that LOOPER came out during Obama’s first term) while he languishes in a green screen dungeon on JJ Abrams’ manor making some Star Wars prequelsequel that sets up the next three chapters of a Disney+ series that will later be retconned in a Star Wars video game that you have to finish to understand the plot of The Phantom Menace. Let this guy be a Saulnier-meets-Soderbergh people’s champ!!

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