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  • Prey for Death

    Prey for Death


    I liked it very much. The idea made me watch this movie, and I wasn't disappointed. The only thing I really didn't like were the effects. Switch the CGI with practical FX, and this could've gotten a 4,5 from me. Change the soundtrack with something more Spaghetti Western like, and this could've gotten a 5 star rating from me. I saw a trailer with Johnny Cash' Ain't No Grave playing in the background...way better than the modern song they used for this...

  • Nocta



    You know that you watch some high quality low budget german splatter when it comes from P.S.Y.C.H.O. PRODUCTIONS. Might as well be the German Troma.

    Nocta is filled with gallons of blood, fecal matter and fun. When you read that this is the german Braindead/Dead Alive, then only because it's true. Switch the zombie hordes with a cute vampire girl called Nocta...well, there are also zombies in this one, so you don't switch something out, you add something. Why is…

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  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    I might still be in shock, and maybe I wouldn't give this movie 5 stars tomorrow, or after the next time I watch it. But this movie had all I expected and more. We got enough on-screen monster time, explosions everywhere, different versions of the classic Godzilla & Mothra themes, a cover of the Blue Öyster Cult Godzilla song at the end, and a bunch of stuff to speculate about the next movie (Godzilla 3 or Kong vs Godzilla?).

  • A Return to Salem's Lot

    A Return to Salem's Lot


    Another good 80's vampire flick. It's not a sequel to the original Salem's Lot, but pretty much its own over the top kinda story. Nice effects and terrific back and worth between the main characters, plus the town's atmosphere made me enjoy this movie very much. The only thing that confused me was how father and son reacted when they found out they are living with vampires. More so the calm reaction when the father would like to see his…