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  • Bad Boys for Life

    Bad Boys for Life


    If this is the end for the saga of “Bad Boys”, then it has a glorious and satisfying sendoff. This film is not an Oscar contender or even one that will stand the test of time to be known as a guilty pleasure, but it doesn’t have to be in order to show people a fun time. Will and Martin have the special kind of hard to find chemistry that is enough to compel anyone to buy a ticket, and it upholds the prestige set by its predecessors in the buddy cop genre. 

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  • 1917



    Possessing undeniable proficiency in every technical area, 1917 is a mesmerizing experience that operates more as a thriller than your typical dramatic war film. Sam Mendes is able to pull off the wizardry feat of showcasing this desolate wasteland of misery and chaos in one continuous shot; seamless and gliding with the grace of a trained ballerina. We follow through the packed tenches, fields covered with the bodies of dead soldiers and animals, underground bunkers, destroyed towns, empty homes, and…

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  • Polytechnique



    Horrifying and haunting in its recreation of an act of mass violence that put a  innocent college campus in  in a space of trauma and tragedy, Polytechnique is a film that tests how much water one can cry from their eyes in honoring the victims and survivors of a school in 1989 Montreal. A young man acting out a twisted ignorant ideology centered on silencing the efforts of women in society proceeds to hunt down and shoot any women he…

  • Prisoners



    In the few select films that I have gotten a chance to see with Denis Villeneuve behind the camera, he has never failed to amaze me. Prisoners is a raw simmering drama that operates like a juggernaut in each cinematic arena. A look into a parent's worst nightmare as we follow two families who have had their daughters abducted on Thanksgiving; one man looks to take matters into his own hands instead of trusting the due process of a police…

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  • Joker



    Joker is a shake up to the comic book genre that will reverberate and makes its impact felt for the foreseeable future. Holds up a grim and disturbing microscope to the current divided state of unrest that is infecting our present day. Todd Phillps is not asking you to be sympathetic for the Clown Prince of Crime; he shows us the ramifications of a broken society on the invisible and less fortunate who need than just medications to feel something…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    The Safdie Bros “Uncut Gems”  is a cinematic experience that demands full attention with its cascading thrills, visual/auditory richness, and Adam Sandler’s tour de force performance. It will test your strength and stamina in how much intensity you can handle as it builds and builds on entertainment, suspense, and fascination until it releases it all in a climactic supernova, make it an integral part of the year in cinema. 

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