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  • Raw



    Raw emits the same mood as the cow heart dissection in my 12th grade human anatomy class:

    staring at the wet mound of pale red flesh soak through the brown paper towel, i thought, "this is probably the only time you will ever touch a cow heart in your life,” in blinking neon letters. “you are not good at math and science. you will never pursue this as a career. this is it.”

    my lab partner was an actual, signed…

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  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels


    Was initially rooting for this one, but just like almost every other women-led studio venture made post-2016, it’s loaded with a specific brand of faux-feminism that only applies to conventionally attractive women. These highly commercial movies profit off of a real movement by touting hollow ~Girl Power~ without taking any actual risks or adding anything new/interesting to the conversation. 

    The real problem with a 2019 reboot of Charlie’s Angels it that its central tenet, hot babes weaponizing their own looks…

  • Joy Street

    Joy Street


    in the real life world, i love to gently hold the tops of people's hands and ask them solemnly, "do you dream?"

    pretend i am doing that now, please.

    "do you dream?"

    if you said yes, then i will say "oh, good! me too!" and smile at our newfound kinship.
    if you hesitated for more than 2.5 seconds or said "i used to" then i will ask you if you like mulholland drive and tread cautiously from there.
    if you…

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  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    first watch: fight club is the best movie ever made
    second watch: fight club is a deep commentary on the dangers of consumerism
    third watch: fight club is a disgusting cesspool of toxic masculinity and it’s not as deep as its fanboys think it is
    fourth watch: fight club is a critique of toxic masculinity and it’s deeper than its fanboys think it is
    fifth watch: fight club is the best satirical gay romcom ever made

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    these two bisexuals that look like they just stumbled out of their first vampire weekend concert really had the nerve to make me lay on my floor & cry while listening to sufjan stevens huh