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    Oh to live inside of David Lynch's mind.

  • Kick-Ass



    If I hate superheroes so much then explain to me why I want to smooch kick-ass? Seriously though, this was a fun, goofy and entertaining take on superheroes that was way ahead of its time. The way it played with the genre was smart. The action scenes were genuinely good, and were accompanied by a great soundtrack. Nic Cage and Chloe Grace Moretz were probably the best part. Hugely benefits from not taking itself too seriously. I miss when teen comedies like this actually existed. Also, when is the Christopher Mintz-Plasse renaissance happening?? Someone needs to tell him that I miss him dearly.

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  • Submarine



    Finally watched the film that shaped a generation of indie girls and I'm embarrassed by how into it I am. It might not be the best or most original movie, but it made my heart smile. Very visually stunning and the Alex Turner soundtrack is perfect. A very sweet and simple coming of age film, which is good to turn your mind off to. Very reminiscent of Rushmore. Makes up for the simplistic plot with style and visual intrigue. Characters…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Punch-Drunk Love is my favorite movie of all time. I think about Adam Sandler's performance in that every day, and the injustice that he faced for never receiving the respect he deserves as a serious actor. Ever since Uncut Gems was in production I was excited for it. This was my most anticipated movie of the year and I have been hyping it up since the beginning. I recommended it to all my friends before I had even seen it…