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  • American Ninja

    American Ninja


    I like how I can go "racist cultural appropriation" or "adequate Cannon fodder", or both!

  • Frozen Scream

    Frozen Scream


    "Would living as a frozen zombie forever be any better than facing the pain of things coming to an end?"

    Ooohhkay. Like the sub-zero fever dream of one of its cryo-ghouls, so totally impenetrable that the cheerful, totally inept and incongruous narration is almost welcome, at least providing some meager level of organization, an oasis of psychic safety.

  • The Executioner Part II

    The Executioner Part II


    Resembles no actual reality or mode of behavior or expression, but whatever Outer Zone this is beamed from must be psychically unnavigable, some nightmarescape of tepid sadomasochism, grimy, vengeful masculinity, and cheap flophouses, with the actual physical spaces themselves somehow broken up into component parts and reshuffled, sort of a combination MAD Fold-in/jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces.

  • Son of Dracula

    Son of Dracula


    "If you don't die with this
    Then I will steal your life from you."

    HAUSU-level psychic penetration. Drac Devil Doll From Hell.

  • Blood Red

    Blood Red


    Kind of a combination ripoff of HEAVEN'S GATE and THE SICILIAN. More like Cimi-nope.

  • Suffragette



    Way too tasteful. You wanna throw bombs, then be a bomb-thrower, be BORN IN FLAMES. Gal-Qaeda.

  • The Strangeness

    The Strangeness


    Fun little thing about a bunch of spelunkers trapped in a mine with a scary monster. Narratively unremarkable but atmospheric and crafted with a lot of DIY care. Gorgeously lit almost entirely by flashlight or road flare, and featuring both a chintzy Carpenter knockoff score and some delightful cheap stop-motion.

  • Cut-Throats Nine

    Cut-Throats Nine


    There isn't a ton else going on here, but it's a fairly rare instance of a reputedly vile film that actually delivers on its notoriety.

  • Trumbo



    More like wacklist.

  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    "Justice delivered without dispassion is always in danger of not being justice." or "Motherfucker looks just like The Thing."

  • The Danish Girl

    The Danish Girl


    Needed Doris Wishman. Got Tom Hooper.

  • The Good Dinosaur

    The Good Dinosaur


    This sure looks great, but I distracted myself pretty badly trying to figure out just how a bunch of giant lizards with no tools or thumbs developed an agrarian society. This is the kind of practical stuff that cartoon premises ignore all the time (and with good cause, kids don't care) but that drives my faulty brain totally up the wall with questions. At one point a tyrannosaur is playing a bug like a harmonica (sure, fine) and then when…