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  • Slap Shot

    Slap Shot


    "Nice talk."

  • Congo



    I remain a fan of such merciless silliness, especially when it has this movie's Irwin Allen-esque charms. You can blame this for not being as convincing or as exciting as JURASSIC PARK but why would you want to when it's this much stupid fun?

  • Zombieland: Double Tap

    Zombieland: Double Tap


    Not even the people that made this seemed to want to do it. A monumental shrug.

  • Twisted



    There's an interesting movie in here about a woman surrounded by misogynists in a sexist profession who's condemned for her desires but it's not the one that got made. Discussed on Episode 25 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • Double Jeopardy

    Double Jeopardy

    Some of the most terrifically amusing absolute nonsense I've ever seen. Discussed on Episode 25 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • Kiss the Girls

    Kiss the Girls


    Quintessential Judd. Contains one (1) absolutely bonkers stunt and the best milk carton gag since LETHAL WEAPON. Discussed on Episode 25 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • Cats


    Rated PG... for Pussy Galore! No but seriously great job turning this already pretty weird and vaguely annoying show into a seriously monotonous eyesore. A dog.

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    In my view this is a somewhat more successful franchise pastiche than THE FORCE AWAKENS but it clearly lacks the formal cohesion and the spiritual and autocritical core that made THE LAST JEDI so indelible. Abrams was criticized once for basically rehashing STAR WARS, and this time he's done an equally competent job of it for RETURN OF THE JEDI: sometimes wildly bloated, other times strangely rushed, with poignant moments bumping right up against eyerolls, and too-pat resolutions sitting alongside…

  • 6 Underground

    6 Underground


    "You ever wonder what it would be like to do the thing you were put on this Earth to do?"

    Exploding plastic inevitable. The greatest, tackiest, most reprehensible lizard-brain dipshit maximalist action epic in I can't even tell you forever how long. I could barely tell you what happens in it. Bay has surpassed himself. Pretty much what movies are for.

  • The Score

    The Score


    If you thought Norton was chewing on the bit a little too hard in MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN, hey have I got a movie for you. Also features a veritable horn of plenty of sparkling ad-libbed bons mots from Brando like "I'll believe that when pigs eat my brother!"

  • QT8: The First Eight

    QT8: The First Eight


    Nothing much new here, and the Weinstein stuff feels a little desperate and half-assed, but a lot of nice interview footage, and what am I gonna tell you, I'm sort of in the tank for the guy anyway.

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters


    Not without its issues (pacing, occasional histrionics, a little too much digital teal & orange), but I'm totally on board for all of it because this is some classic auteurist gun-for-hire smuggling. Exactly how you do this stuff.