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  • Double Jeopardy

    Double Jeopardy

    Some of the most terrifically amusing absolute nonsense I've ever seen. Discussed on Episode 25 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • Street Asylum

    Street Asylum

    G. Gordon Liddy gets spanked by a dominatrix in this.

  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life


  • A Rainy Day in New York

    A Rainy Day in New York

    Chalamet's doing the Woody imitation in this one, pretty annoying, the rest is a shrug with a general moral about romantic capriciousness. Who cares.

  • Where'd You Go, Bernadette

    Where'd You Go, Bernadette

    DNF. I know it's petty but I couldn't handle all of these alleged geniuses constantly mispronouncing "Antarctica". It has two C's in it, everyone.

  • Killing Zoe

    Killing Zoe

    I'd gladly put this on a list of the worst films ever made. Between movie jail and regular jail, Roger Avary belongs in at least one. Angrily rejected by me on Episode 22 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • Disclosure


    Why would anyone want to touch a girl's butt? That's where cooties come from! Discussed on Episode 20 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    "I always felt like John Ford did. If it rained, I was ready to shoot in the rain. If it was windy that made a western picture to me. And I was happy to work in the wind and the rain." -- William Witney

    I would like to have gotten the William Witney version of this movie.

  • The Lion King

    The Lion King

    So I had never previously seen this. It came out when I was 15. Today it pings my Cartoon Overliteralization Syndrome really hard because all its freakish and uninterrogated politics and systems are shrugged off with the whole "Circle of Life" thing, and 40-year-old me thinks it's weird and gross.

  • Las Vegas Bloodbath

    Las Vegas Bloodbath

    I'm not sure of BIKINI BABY SHOWER would be a catchier title, but it would certainly be just as accurate.

  • Domino


    As a narrative feature this doesn't work, for reasons that you can intuit both from reports of feuds with producers and from watching this obviously truncated piece, but there's a line of dialogue in CASUALTIES OF WAR where someone basically says that being a witness isn't hazardous, and it's treated with the utmost incredulity. Without giving too much away, there's a version of this that's a full extrapolation of that, De Palma style, and being that he's always been repetitive…

  • Sword of Trust

    Sword of Trust

    I don't want to review this movie one way or the other because Ms. Shelton is a friend. But I will say that Toby Huss is in it playing a guy named Hog Jaws.