The Purge ★★

I'm not gonna lie I went into this movie wanting to laugh at it. I had seen blumhouses other movie " truth or dare " and wanted an equally unintentionally funny movie. I'm sad to say this movie couldn't even accomplish that. It was just bad. The opening act is fine but everything is way to brightly lit. Also there is a boyfriend character subplot only acts as filler for the first 20 minutes of the movie. The movie also has a thematic problem. The family's actions are obviously supposed to show how immoral some ideologies are and show how they are projected onto kids by their parents. But this theme could apply to any issue. Plop any issue you have in the place of the purges thematic role in the movie and it would work. Because of you being able to project your own problem onto the theme the movie leaves you with no impact. Plus every action scene in this movie is shot like garbage. Despite having a interesting concept this movie is just bad. 43/100