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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    The biggest mystery in this movie is why a broke man who lives in Silver Lake supposedly is going to The Last Bookstore, which is downtown, "all the time."

    I think I agree with the take of how poorly the women in this film are shot (yes, even past it being "the point" of the movie) and have enjoyed a nice afternoon of reading various takes on this movie because of how unsatisfying its wrap up was (which also is…

  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    Truly outstanding competence! With a wonderful ending! A simple, familiar-feeling story made as masterfully as humanly possible. Vincent Van Gogh painting the cool S.

  • Bombshell



    “There’s no audience for that side of the story.”

    Having real Three Billboards syndrome as I watch this a second time and go "wait... uh... why did I like this a lot the first time."

    Somehow, this movie feels both too general and too specific. All the shots they take at Fox are couched in jokes, so they feel kind of toothless and secondary, and all the movie has to say about corporate sexism seems so focused that it feels…

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    In my previous 'review' of the movie I said that I knew I wasn't going to watch this movie again– but then the WGA sent out an email with a link to a digital screener, so I said fuck it and put it on. I liked it even less! And what's worse, is that because I was watching in the comfort of my own home, I started just writing notes about things I didn't like, which is an incredibly poisonous…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    The helicopter service Blade didn't even exist until 2014, a whole two years after this film takes place. Absolutely sloppy filmmaking. Shameful.

    But seriously, this film is absolutely fucking masterful. I know it's extremely weird and almost disrespectful to talk about films like this in terms of how they're awarded, but I really truly think this film is such a precise depiction of what "good directing" looks like that I'm gonna be absolutely shocked if the Safdies aren't at LEAST…

  • John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch

    John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch


    Every single part of this is so fucking funny- “Grandma’s Got A Boyfriend” is already stuck in my head- but it’s also surprisingly beautiful? Like, the chess scene looks gorgeous.

    “As soon as he exhaled through his nose, I turned to the man next to me and said, ‘That’s our Mandy.’”

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Knives Out is a Christmas movie. (And a perfect opportunity for your parents to audibly recognize actors that they can tell you minor facts about!)

    Ana de Armas for Best Actress please!

  • The Laundromat

    The Laundromat


    i love steven soderbergh so much and as a self-identified huge dumb ass, i also love adam mckay-style “lemme explain a political problem in a fun way” movies AND unnecessary twists that exist just to make you go “oh hoh hoh you got me you son of a bitch” so you’d think this would be a slam dunk for me- and yet! 

    i didn’t read one good review of this movie but i just had to see it for myself…

  • Cats


    I have no fucking clue what this movie was. It's like if Robert Zemeckis directed an Aristocats movie in 2004. It looks absolutely ghastly, the music is extremely off-putting, the effects literally aren't finished and glitch out in a few places, and there's an uncomfortable horniness to the entire thing that makes it feel like an exercise in loopholing the MPAA to rate fetish porn for kids. This is the highest budget experimental film ever made.

    I had a fucking blast.…

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    In the third film of every Star Wars trilogy, there is a moment where a character dies and we're not really given a good reason why or how they die. They just do. This happens twice in this film.

    This was so weirdly disappointing. Like, it feels like there's no heart to this movie, just a desperate attempt to satiate insatiable fans and tackle as many plots (both recycled and new-but-lazy) as they possibly can. It feels like an entire…

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    Oh, this was a painful watch.

    This is a movie about the inescapable trauma you can inherit from your parents and how hard it is not to love them in spite of it all. It’s a movie about recognizing your own problems as they happen but still feeling powerless to stop them, feeling like you need them. I recognize so many of Otis’s actions and emotions in people I know, in people I’ve loved. I’ve reckoned with the frustration of…

  • Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell


    Most accurate scene in this movie is when the crowd at a Kenny Rogers concert claps along to the music with absolutely appalling rhythm.

    Take a drink every time they say “Richard Jewell.”