A Separation A Separation

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Ugly truth, sweet lies.

A married couple are faced with a difficult decision - to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer's disease.




Alternative Titles

Раздяла, A Separação, Une séparation, 分居风暴, Rozchod Nadera a Simin, Nader und Simin - eine Trennung, Nader og Simin - en seperation, Nader i Simin, una separació, Nader y Simin, una separación, Nader ja Simin: Ero, Enas horismos, Ένας χωρισμός, Nader i Simin se rastaju, Preyda, Jodaeiye Nader az Simin, Jodái-e Náder az Simin, Una separazione, Betsuri, 씨민과 나데르의 별거, Issiskyrimas, Nader og Simin - et brudd, Rozstanie, Uma Separação, Razvod, Развод Надера и Симин, Ločitev, Bir Ayrilik, Розлучення Надера i Сiмiн

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