Waves ★★★★½

Frightfully beautiful film. Shults again evokes a sense of dread and tension like few other directors today can do for me. Even so, there is tenderness and love in equal measure. A great deal of credit to cinematographer Drew Daniels, whose collaboration on each of his films has been vital. The way the camera moves in concert with the tide of emotions is mesmerizing; drifting, gliding, spiraling. Every movement measured. I love it. The performances are spectacular across the board as well, and the film handles the transition in perspectives smoothly. There is also a stellar original score from Reznor and Ross that blends into a wonderfully curated playlist of licensed songs throughout. I love it too. Shults is easily one of my favorite directors working today, and I hope he returns to the Horror genre in the future, but I'll be in the theater for whatever he makes next either way.

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