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  • Greener Grass

    Greener Grass


    Having grown up kind of upper middle class I guess, I understood some of it. But I'll have to admit, if I've grown up in American suburbs - it would've probably been more impactful.
    But still I liked it, the cinematography, the actors were so perfectly over the top, and most of all - the courage or might I say ballsy decisions to make art that matters and is different enough to catch your thinking and take it somewhere new.

  • Every Day a Good Day

    Every Day a Good Day


    One of the most touching and sincere films I've seen. Might have something to do with my current state of mind and fear for the future.
    But I don't really care - I love it and and it makes me want to do something half as impactful as this was to me some day. Also it took away the rush of life for a second - to choose what I want to do, despite how long it might take me.

    *wow film really is my therapy huh

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  • Last Christmas

    Last Christmas


    The humor was at times great, but most of the times falling short. The ending didn't quite work for me either - a bit too cheesy and on the nose. From the start Tom felt a bit too good to be true and gave the ending away.
    I will have to admit though, a few tears were shed but that has to do more with my emotioal stability and life at the moment than actually great storytelling.

    And let's admit…

  • Lil' Buck: Real Swan

    Lil' Buck: Real Swan


    it's refreshing to see an actual good DANCEfilm and not a silly romantic adventure set in streetdance culture