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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Uncut Gems is so good that it makes me hate everything else Adam Sandler has done more than I already did... with the exception of Punch Drunk Love and That's My Boy.

  • White Star

    White Star

    Take Dennis Hopper's incredibly coked-out scenery chewing away from this movie and all you're left with is a fairly mediocre story about a shitty has-been manger and the musician whose image/career he's trying to build. Even with that this movie is dull. The novelty of Hopper's insanity wears off quickly and, aside from a few funny parts, his drug induced ad-libbing is pretty uninteresting. Really disappointing considering that the director's Deadlock is a great movie. Maybe it's just me but…

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  • Ice Cream Man

    Ice Cream Man


    It's a goddamn crime that Clint Howard hasn't been given more starring roles.

  • Orgies of Edo

    Orgies of Edo


    All manner of perversion. Abortion by small boulder, attempted dual dwarf rape, lots of beatings and whipping, facial disfigurement, geisha being gored and trampled by bulls and a samurai sword c-section!