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  • Sorry We Missed You
  • Bacurau
  • Beanpole
  • Color Out of Space
  • True History of the Kelly Gang

2020 Ranked

13 films

Every new release from 2020 I’ve seen, RANKED!

(based on US release dates)

  • Possessor
  • Blossoms
  • Blonde
  • Mainstream
  • Prisoners of the Ghostland

100 Most Anticipated for 2020

100 films

2020 is about to go off! the top 10 are ranked, the rest aren’t.

  • Moonlight
  • The Florida Project
  • American Honey
  • Fish Tank
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Authentic Coming of Age Tales

41 films

These coming of age films are honest and accurate looks at growing up, never shying away from the trials and…

  • Chungking Express
  • American Honey
  • Waves
  • Mommy
  • Spring Breakers

My Favorite Films

150 films

my taste is all over the place, but each film on this list is incredibly special to me in so…

  • Waves
  • Uncut Gems
  • Parasite
  • High Life
  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

2019 Ranked

159 films

Ranked list of 2019 films I’ve seen. Based on US release dates.

  • Chungking Express
  • Moonlight
  • Mommy
  • Spring Breakers
  • Big Little Lies

about me

10 films

all about me! i saw others doing a list like this and i thought i'd do one myself. i’m really uninteresting…

  • 1985
  • 303
  • 4:44 Last Day on Earth
  • All These Sleepless Nights
  • Appropriate Behavior

Hidden Gems of the 2010’s

44 films

With the decade nearing a close, there are plenty of films more people need to check out. So here are…

  • Black Swan
  • Us
  • Knives Out
  • Krisha
  • The Boss Baby

yo, stop staring

85 films

the posters that won’t stop staring at you

suggestions welcome!

  • Vice
  • Call Me by Your Name
  • Sorry to Bother You
  • Vox Lux
  • Hereditary

the films that made my dad angry

10 films

read notes, they give you his angry quotes about the movies. btw my dad has no taste and is an…

  • Waves
  • Good Time
  • Climax
  • Midsommar
  • The Lighthouse

Anxiety-Induced Cinema

356 films

Films that leave you visibly shaken; masterclasses in building tension that make you truly feel anxious for whatever is happening…

  • Pulp Fiction
  • Chungking Express
  • GoodFellas
  • Enter the Void
  • Boyhood
  • Midsommar
  • Climax
  • Suspiria
  • Us
  • Under the Skin

Rhythm That Shakes The Bone

127 films

It's the intensity behind the pounding speaker. The insanity that bubbles up to the surface from each note, derailing the…