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  • Grand Illusion

    Grand Illusion


    I get why this is considered one of the best movies of all time: beautifully composed shots, quietly and sparsely gliding camera work, amazing ensemble acting...yes, yes it’s all here. in this age of movies absolutely skewering class warfare (Parasite, Hustlers, The Laundromat) it’s interesting to see a story of people brought together despite class. There are some interesting nationalistic moments as well, and in Grand Illusion I see shades of Orson Welles’ films and Grand Budapest Hotel. I’m sure it’s influenced countless others, but my basic film brain can only know so much. 

    also Jean Gabin can get it.

  • 1917



    Jesus, Mendes. I kinda wrote you off after that Bond jawn but wow. What a solidly good movie, in the most classic way possible. You have a strong, intent dramatic script. Impeccable acting. Amazing effects. Riveting cinematography. Beautiful score. The end, my god, the closure (in more ways than one) at the end. 

    The best way I can describe watching this film in the theater, and I realize this sounds insensitive given the subject of the film, but it’s like…

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  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


    I am sooooo not the person you want to see scary movies with! I get super freaked out and anxiety-talk my through the film. sooooo...yah. there’s a scene in this one where a kid gets hugged to death (basically, sorta) by the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in a movie. so I think the film is pretty good at what it’s supposed to do.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    i watched this film in a fancy movie theater in a random casino farrrrrrr off the strip in Las Vegas at the tail end of a disastrous, stressful work trip in which we stayed at quite possibly the seediest hotel i've ever showered/slept in. needless to say Avengers: Endgame was everything i wanted and needed it to be in the hellmouth that was my life at that time. also never stay at Circus Circus in LV. ok bye