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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    #19 of 41 on my end of 2010s cramming list

    Critical darling Noah Baumbach has never really been my cup of tea... until now, as he completely knocks it out of the park with Marriage Story. An intimate, ever-relatable, powerful, hilarious, heartbreaking, occasionally heartwarming take on love, marriage, divorce, custody battles, and - everyone’s favorite - lawyers, Baumbach’ opus is what he has been building to his whole career and we are all the better for it. Scarlett Johansson and…

  • Margaret



    #10 of 41 on my end of 2010s cramming list

    There are plenty of articles detailing the tumultuous history of Margaret, so click there to read all about it,  but I finally caught up with the 3 hour cut (I believe this is Lonergan’s preferred cut), and it’s a cinematic travesty that this film wasn’t released as intended back in the mid 2000s.  A playwright who can translate his own work beautifully to the screen (he’s only directed this, You Can…

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  • The Swimmer

    The Swimmer


    An engaging late 60s flick with both elements of classical cinema and the changing tides, The Swimmer begins pleasantly enough but develops into something much more interesting as it takes a gradual turn into darker territory. Not all of it works though - some scenes are downright cheesy are/or extraneous - but the film moves quickly enough that these are mostly forgivable. Thankfully, it is anchored by a striking Burt Lancaster performance that makes me want to delve much deeper into his filmography and a powerful conclusion that make it an easy recommendation.

    2020 Blindspot Challenge

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    Wong Kar-wai has always been a bit of a blindspot to me... I saw In the Mood for Love when I was about 20, and although a film fanatic, I wasn’t much of a cinephile yet. All I remember is that aside from some beautiful imagery, I was pretty bored (I definitely plan to watch it again and clear a lot more of my WKW blindspots when the Criterion box set comes out later this year). My only other WKW…

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  • 1917



    Undoubtedly an astounding technical achievement, being told as one continuous take (obviously there are cheats, including one blatant one), but does 1917 amount to much more than its gimmick? Happily, the answer is a resounding yes! By focusing on a specific tale of urgency - an order must be hand delivered across enemy lines in a race against time to save 1600 troops, including the brother of one of our heroes - Sam Mendes has crafted a war film for…

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    #34 of 41 on my end of 2010s cramming list

    Having never read Little Women or seen any or its many other film adaptations, I can’t compare, but Gerwig’s film starts strong and grows more and more powerful all the way through to its wonderful semi meta conclusion. Suitable for all audiences (frustratingly so at times, but Gerwig is supposedly fairly faithful to the source material with some modern touches), Little Women oozes with heart, soul, and a feminist message…