Waves ★★★★½

#23 of 41 on my end of 2010s cramming list

The first 10 minutes of Waves may be a little overindulgent for some viewers, but I absolutely love how boldly and beautifully Trey Edward Shults sets the scene, introducing everything we need to know about the Williams family via fun, energetic direction and quick vignettes with minimal need for dialogue. He keeps the camera moving constantly, preparing us for what’s to come in his consistently engaging character-driven drama that, while predictable in many ways, also takes some surprising turns and makes bold choices.

Shults has been one of my favorite up and coming filmmakers since his dazzling micro budget debut, Krisha, and he’s only getting more and more adept at utilizing his unique blend of direction, writing, and editing. I never give spoilers, but let’s just say that Waves makes a sharp turn around the midpoint that may lose some viewers, but I absolutely love the direction it takes. Entertaining, gorgeous, intimate, occasionally profound, and emotionally charged, Waves is a winner that absolutely deserves to be seen on a big screen, God bless A24!

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