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  • Fool's Fire

    Fool's Fire


    "There is no arse-wiper like a well-downed goose."

    The production design on this is really incredible... at least according to the on-set photos that are out there. It is, then, a damned shame that the only available copy I could find is the saddest, muddiest YouTube version imaginable. Seems like people have been hoping for a better version for at least a decade, based on old forum comments I read. Here's a depressing comparison between what it actually looked like,…

  • Dallas Doll

    Dallas Doll

    After being so impressed with Ann Turner's first 2 films - serious and tragic occult-tinged dramas - I figured I'd give this one a shot, and it's... an ostensibly quirky comedy every bit as bad as that $1-bin-VHS artwork suggests. In interviews with both Turner and Bernhard it's clear they had an unhappy creative relationship even before filming started, and it shows on screen - Turner called casting Bernhard her greatest professional mistake, and Bernhard ultimately disowned the project citing…

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  • The Possessed

    The Possessed


    Apparently considered an early giallo film, it feels more akin to an arthouse Film Noir than that might lead you to believe. And that's not just because of the shadowy black and white photography - there's a pervasive sense of resigned nihilism and an introspective protagonist's narration. Things quickly move towards territory more associated with Carnival of Souls or maybe Bergman's Hour of the Wolf - howling wind permeates throughout, dreams are consumed by an apocalyptic score, and the unsolvable…

  • Keoma



    Nearly post-apocalyptic in it's plague-stricken Western wasteland setting, this is just completely badass, and very stylish. The ever-present fate-weaver woman, the omniscient internal-feelings narrator theme song, an ill-advised approach to discussing American racial politics, the beautifully gliding camera, epic slow motion - it's a lot to take in. I loved the way the memories wound their way through the contemporary, elevating everything to a dreamlike state.

    Also, there are multiple scenes that brought to mind John Milius's Conan from a few years later. Which is obviously awesome.