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This review may contain spoilers.

This brings me bad to a time when I was a wee lad who was full of hope and joy. Then the Great War happened. This proved to me the true greatness humanity. My joy was expanded ten fold. I loved how this movie reminded me of how happy the Great War was. I loved how they broke out into song as the machine gunners ripped them to pieces. The song choice was exquisite by choosing "My hips don't lie" by Shakira as all the British died and were gunned down. This movie made me leave the theater dancing with an ear to ear grin. I went with my family and we all had a wonderful time. Except for my son and Karen. My son was balling his eyes out like the pussy boy he is. So I did what any good parent would do and let him know that everything talked with him and gave him a hug. I then killed his dog. Next Karen thought this wasn't appropriate for our 12 year old son. I then told her she doesn't know how to parent and is a failure of a woman. Her only job as a woman is to cook, clean, and raise my kids. And the stupid woman couldn't even do that, our house has shit and cum stains everywhere. I haven't eaten in days. And our child is in a hole. Granted I adore the fact that he is stuck in a hole so she had no influence in that, I was the one who got him there. She is the problem parent I am a great father. STOP SAYING I AM ABUSIVE TOWARD MY SON I AM NOT. Overall great movie bring back all great times.