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  • 1917



    While considering going to the movie I was thinking if the one-shot thing deserves that fuss. And I was shocked with how it's not just a technical show-off, but it truly serves the point of the movie.
    It makes you live the whole journey from the very beginning without missing a glimpse. You can feel the war around you.

    In addition to technicalities, it's written in a tense, emotional, touching way with super soundtracks that gave me an heartache with its final chapter.

    Sam Mendes nailed the war category properly.

  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    When decided to watch it I couldn't help myself but comparing every single aspect with Rush (2013). And surprisingly it could stand the competition.

    Ford V Ferrari gave us two solid points, 1) Finally I found a good role for Matt Damon which he can flawlessly perform.
    2) Everything else with the soundtracks, directing and the heart-breaking last 15 minutes.

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  • Roma



    When I was older, I used to be a sailor. But I drowned in a storm. The waves were huge!
    It was dark, and there was lightning and I didn't know how to swim.

    I took a look at some reviews before watching the movie and they got me prepared for a long boring irrelevant camerawork to the main story.

    But unexpectedly the movie got me emotionally and left me weeping after claiming your mind-blowing with the astonishing wide angles and the impossible long takes.

  • Glass



    After the ending you can't help saying "Excuse me, but what the fuck?"