Marriage Story ★★★★

You spend a good amount of your childhood believing that your parents embody the perfect definition of what love is supposed to be, but then you wake up at the middle of the night to them raising their voices at each other and you learn that there is a difference between love and marriage. As you grow older, you realize that much of the time spent watching your parents together was just the latter and you wonder if sticking it out the way they did was ever really worth it. They might have told you that they did it because they wanted you to grow up in a normal household, but then you learn later on that constant shouting, bickering, subtly mocking one another are not what you expect in a normal household, whatever the fuck that means. But then this film shows you all the financial and emotional turmoil that you have to go through just to liberate yourself from the pain brought by something, someone you once loved dearly. This isn’t even a review; it’s fucking word vomit because I cannot stomach the truth that I am a stranger to what healthy, authentic love is like because Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson managed to take me back to when my innocent beliefs about love got shattered the first time and it still fucking stings even if it’s not supposed to anymore.