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  • Parasite



    I've come to make an announcement:

    The Academy is a bitch ass motherfucker. They pissed on Song Kang-Ho's chances of getting a Supporting Actor nod. That's right, this bunch of quilly dicks pissed all over a truly nuanced and powerful performance and they said Brad Pitt's dick was "this big" and I said "that's disgusting".

    So I'm making a callout post on my letterboxd dot com: Academy, you got a small dick, its the size of this peach except way…

  • Persepolis



    Pretty good adaptation of an exceptional graphic novel. It just suffers from an incredibly rushed pace since they're trying to cram a lot of plot into a 90 minute runtime, which deflates a lot of the dramatic weight from certain story arcs. It's still a good, powerful film, but I strongly recommend reading the book first, if possible.

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  • Little Women

    Little Women


    Look all I know is if Timothee Chalamet asked me to marry him I would not fucking hesitate

  • Klaus



    A beautifully animated, heartwarming, funny, thoroughly delightful film. Even though the main character is literally just Kuzco