Watchmen ½

One of the many aims of the Alan Moore novel was to emphasize the humanity of the masked vigilantes that you see in superhero comics, to ask "what would these people be like in the real world?" and answer that with characters that are still moving, poignant and full of pain and joy.

Zack Snyder's aim with his movie was to emphasize the violence and the edginess, in as many scenes as possible with as much slow motion as he could get away with.

If you read the original book and your main takeaway was that Rorschach (a violent vigilante with far-right beliefs) was "cool" and you wanted to see him do cool action scenes and pose around like a badass dude... then you were probably an idiot.

Zack Snyder is that idiot.

Seeing this is like watching a horny incel-in-training playing with action figures and then ejaculate all over them.

Everything here feels hollow but at the very least it's a good case study.... it proves that it is possible to adapt a text in a "superficially faithful way" by having the characters say most of the lines from the book... but if you misunderstand the tone of the book and if you don't understand its subtext? Then that will kill you. And that's what happened here.


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