Les Voleurs ★★★★½

Hi. The director of this film is currently looking for donations to shoot his next film “The Unknown Eye”. If y’all could donate or share it would be very much appreciated.

His words: I’m doing a new short film this coming semester at NYU. It’s a thriller about a man named Sal who's life is terrorized by a stalker and at the same time, must deal with a deteriorating relationship with his girlfriend. The film is cast and we have a crew, we’re looking to start shooting at the end of February. Since I have a much larger crew than usual and the film is on a bit larger scale we are raising money for the budget. If anyone would like to help and donate it would be much appreciated. Anything helps.

Link here: www.gofundme.com/f/the-unknown-eye-nyu-tisch-short-film-production

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