Graduation Day ★★★½

“Ah, fuckin' graduation day. They make a big deal out of it, like it was somethin' special or somethin'”

Seeing as I graduated yesterday, this really seems like a fitting film to watch today. The scene in the music room really reminded me of like a really cheesy 70’s/80’s porno opening with the horrific acting, stories dialogue. It’s so bad that’s it’s good. That was probably the only majorly cringey thing in this film. I actually enjoyed the rest of it to be honest. Yeah am the acting isn’t great but it’s a blast. An enjoyable ride. The kills a fun but not groundbreaking. Although there are a couple which really sticks out and that’s the ones with the band playing and the pole vault. They were so awesome. What was great was the obvious red herrings shoved right in your face, in any other movie I would have hated. However, it just seems to work in this film. The fact they are so blatant in showing them almost seems like a minor fuck you to red herrings in general. The editing in this movie is unusual for a slasher, or the ones I have seen anyway. It’s frantic and erratic, much like the kills. It gives the film it’s own distinctive charm. I have to say there was a twist that I didn’t expect to happen right up the moment when I set itself up. I’m wasn’t trying to figure anything out with this one, I was just going with the ride. Also, those graduation robes are disgusting. 

“Come on and show your face, you miserable scum!”