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  • Slay Belles

    Slay Belles


    What should have been a fun low budget T&A horror comedy ruins itself by trying way to hard and failing way too miserably.

  • Paradox



    It is basically Taken: Thailand, which is fine because the action is well paced and gorgeously choreographed. Needed more Tony Jaa, but that is a small quibble because I love Tony Jaa.

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Take the basic story beats from Return of the Jedi, sprinkle in a heaping spoonful of unfulfilled plot threads, 2 cups of terrible fan service, and all of the terrible JJ Abrams you have to get the recipe for quite possibly the worst Star Wars film.

    Why was Carrie Fisher shoe horned into this when it would have been super simple to give everything she did to another character. Why is the existence of Palpatine NEVER explained. Why can Boyega…

  • Coherence



    It is a heady concept done pretty well. A few loose things in the script and an abundunace of technical jargon will require a rewatch from me to cement it, but it is much more accessible than something like Primer.